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The Object to Your Left…

September 13th, 2010 by Cobwebs

Pointing Sign

Via The Daily What, where the comments are hilarious.

Mine is a sign listing the “Top 12 Things Likely to be Overheard if You Had a Klingon Programmer,” so my only hope is that they’re all geeks and won’t attack one of their own.

Yeah…I’m zombie kibble.

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  1. joasakura Says:

    … let’s see. to my left are the following items:

    (1) slightly dull xacto knife
    (1) “chococat” multi-pen
    (1) partially used pad of lime green post-it notes
    (3) napkins

    I’m so screwed.

  2. Hushgirl Says:

    a can of compressed air… where is MacGyver when you need him?

  3. ysha Says:

    let’s see, my choices are –

    a cell phone
    a travel mug filled with water
    an empty jar covered with googly eyes
    a chair

    I guess I can throw the jar at them and hope it distracts them while I run away.

  4. Charity Says:

    a bottle of smartwater, some empty soda cans, a homemade arrowhead necklace, a slingshot and a computer subwoofer. Might do ok

  5. xJane Says:

    The object to which the disembodied hand was pointing was a fairly substantial desk lamp, part of which could serve as a shield and the rest as a poking/hitting device. I’m pretty confident I’ll do well. But as I usually choose the table without lamps, the other objects to my left are a hard plastic water bottle (not much help) and a pencil case with a few pens. While useful, perhaps, as projectiles if I could find something to fire them out of, there aren’t many of them.

  6. WitchArachne Says:

    A bag of cat litter, a filing box, and a can of Glen 20. I’m screwed.

  7. Maven Says:

    A pair of white steel shelf brackets waiting to be mounted for a closet shelf. A bit small for hand-to-hand combat, but at least the tips are pointy.

  8. Megan Says:

    I’ve got a pair of scissors and a plastic water bottle.

    At least the scissors might come in handy?

  9. Crypt Stitch Says:

    Oh god, I have a primary coloured small wooden playpen for my pet cockatiel. And my treadmill. So if they are really, really dumb zombies maybe I can fool them into thinking I am running away whilst on the treadmill, while simultaneously diverting their attention with a tiny blue swing, a bell and a mirror. Yeeeaaahhh, that should work.

  10. MacabreRob Says:

    Hmm… Several stuffed toys, a box of Kleenex and a World of Warcraft calendar. Guess I will be joining the Apocalypse on the other side…

  11. Empress Pam Says:

    My half broken cell phone, a crystal heart paper weight, a zen rock garden, my day planner and a picture frame. Oh and a coffee mug full of salt water taffy.

    I’d just have to give up. lol

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