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The Call of the Link Dump

November 26th, 2010 by Cobwebs

Custom PF Flyers – Custom-painted sneakers. The skull one was done by a tattoo artist; I wonder if it would be possible to talk a local tattoo artist into doing custom work like this.

Shake Me – Mildly creepy salt and pepper shakers inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

Thingbats – Etsy seller specializing in little polymer clay sculptures. These little vampires would be adorable as cake toppers. (via hinkenhook)

The World’s Largest Gummy Worm – This makes me vaguely ill.

Monster Doll Tutorial – Instructions for making cuddly little freeform monsters that would be perfect for kids.

Hungover Owls – This is funnier than it ought to be.

Amigurumi Exorcist Playset – Tutorial for crocheting a scene from The Exorcist. I think it’s the little stitched pea-soup vomit that really makes this. (Requires a Ravelry login; link goes to photo at CRAFT)

Lydia the Tattooed Lady Costume – No instructions, but great inspiration.

Ghost Coach – Adorable “haunted hearse” made from Legos.

Kalapusa – DeviantART member who semi-specializes in sculptures of what classic videogame characters would look like with real-world anatomy. His Pac-Man is going to give me nightmares.

Wedding Porn – Flickr photoset of a fantastic “Tim Burton New Orleans Voodoo Halloween Wedding.” Some great inspiration.

Steampunk Mr. Potato Head – Cute mod at Instructables.

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  1. xJane Says:

    That’s a gummy worm‽ I thought it was a…*ahem*. Never mind. (What’s your site rated, again?)

  2. Empress Pam Says:

    For the worlds largest gummy worm (gross, btw) I am totally amazed by the Q&A on the website…makes me shudder

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