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Spiky Inspiration

March 3rd, 2011 by Cobwebs

Spiked HandbagI’ve previously linked to some neat DIY tutorials for spiked heels, such as these chain heels and these Christian Louboutin knockoffs. If you’d like to extend the spikes beyond your feet, here are a few other items that seem ripe for the DIY treatment.

Incidentally, the studs and spikes required for these projects can often be found at craft and sewing supply stores. They’re also available online here and many other places (search “jewelry supply spike” for other sources).

Sunglasses – It’s hard to tell for sure from the photo, but these appear to be wrap-around sunglasses. Choose a style with a fairly wide side piece (such as these) to give you room to decorate, and use jewelry adhesive to attach spikes and other decoration. Obviously, you’ll need to be mindful of weight limitations, since too many spikes will make it hard to keep the glasses on your face.

Bracelets – These photos are nice in that they show what the back of the piece looks like, although I do question how comfortable those screw heads would be against one’s skin. The construction should be relatively straightforward: Get a metal cuff bracelet blank (available at craft and jewelry supply stores), decide on the placement of the spikes, mark each spot with a grease pencil, drill the appropriate holes, and screw in the spikes.

Top Hat – Seen in several photos in this gallery. This project seems like it’d be extremely easy: Get a top hat and stick spikes in it. Mark the desired placement using tailor’s chalk (which is easily rubbed off if you change your mind), use an awl to punch a small hole, and then carefully enlarge it with a small pair of scissors until the spike’s screw back will fit properly.

Hair Accessory – Last photo on the page. There’s no real detail on how these are anchored, but attaching the spikes to a strip of sturdy ribbon and then braiding the hair around it would probably be sufficient.

Handbag – I love the medieval look of this thing. If you can’t find a spherical handbag to embellish (I couldn’t), this would probably have to be a DIY effort from beginning to end. Given the weight of the spikes I don’t think you’d be able to use fabric for the body lest it sag, so hard plastic would likely be the best bet. Carefully saw a hollow plastic ball–something like a costume ball and chain might work–in half, attach a hinge and clasp (available at craft stores or search “pursemaking supplies”), drill holes to accommodate the spikes, and use jewelry adhesive to attach the studs and other bits. Add a leather strap (such as a thrifted belt) to the top, embellish with a few more spikes, and you’re in business. Quite a bit of work, to be sure, but I’m willing to bet that it would be significantly cheaper than the designer version.

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  1. xJane Says:

    That handbag does look like it could do double duty while on the town (“Oh, I’ll be okay: I carry [a] mace!“).

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