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September 25th, 2008 by Cobwebs

Deadly Sins DetailHere’s a batch of artists for your inspiration.

Kris Kuksi creates mixed-media installations that would give Hieronymus Bosch a nervous breakdown. The image here is a tiny bit of his “The Deadly Sins,” which kind of puts me in mind of an H.R. Giger work, only insanely more detailed. (Hat tip to Beth Church)

Andre Lassen specializes in cast and sculpted pieces, including furniture, jewelry, and swords. In particular look for the awesome flatware with skeleton handles.

Julie Miller creates “Vintage Fictions” by photoshopping antique photos with all sorts of peculiar details. I particularly like Moonrise on the Ika Estate and Millicent Fenwick and Friends. (via Phantasmaphile)

Art and Ghosts – Louise creates haunting digital images, nearly all of which feature dolls. The images are surreal yet soothing.

Toadbriar – Whimsical sculptures and paintings, including cute little mounted fairy “specimens.” (via Lady Lavona)

Ricardo Salamanca – Creepy, hyper-realistic Photoshop wizardry.

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