The Art of Darkness

Demented Display Cases

June 6th, 2007 by Cobwebs

Ever walk down the street on trash pickup day and find someone throwing away an old chest of drawers? Have a flea-market desk that’s outlived its usefulness? Save the drawers!

  1. Take two or three mismatched drawers, remove the hardware, and paint the outside black.
  2. The inside surface will be your display area. You can paint it a contrasting color of paint (perhaps a deep red, or even an antique bronze), or use spray glue to line it with an interesting fabric (such as brocade) or decorative paper (wrapping paper, wallpaper, scrapbooking paper).
  3. Hang them on the wall, either with a brute-force method such as nails or screws, or (if your landlord is twitchy) with some sort of sticky mounting strips like 3M’s Command line.

Use them to display your special treasures, from priceless netsuke to your collection of action figures. If you’re feeling particularly frisky, you can have glass or Plexiglas cut to fit the opening, making them true little cases.

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