The Art of Darkness

Etsuko Furuya Fabric

May 5th, 2008 by Cobwebs

Etsuko FuruyaSkull-a-Day mentioned this fabric in passing, and I find myself immensely taken with it. The Echino collection is 44″ cotton in “home decor weight,” which could be anything from stiff calico to upholstery. I love the elegance of the images: The bats shown here remind me of old Japanese paintings, and the spiderwebs and insects on other fabrics are lovely rather than menacing.

This looks like an excellent way to bridge the gap between mainstream and goth; if you’d like a little darkness around the house but your partner (or your landlord, or your parents) isn’t so sure, decorating with fabric like this might be a workable compromise.

Bonus Link: Walter and Veronica did this nursery based on a swatch of fabric from the collection. I love the subtle little skulls.

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