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Superhero is the New Floral

May 13th, 2008 by Cobwebs

Web DressAccording to the fashion mavens over at the New York Times, whom I cannot guarantee weren’t huffing spray paint when they wrote this, all things “superhero” will be the hot trend in springtime fashion. Webbing, latex, primary colors, and space-age sleekness will feature prominently this season.

I’m not so much down with the primary colors, but the webbing and latex sound intriguing. Mentioned in the Times article are Rodarte’s cat-claw gloves, the Mara Hoffman crocheted cover-up shown here, and Givenchy gladiator boots, all of which would be at home in a gothy closet. I’d expect to see cheap knockoffs of these items in the near future, so this season might be a good time to add some pretty pieces to your wardrobe.

Link (via SciFi Scanner)

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