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Link Dump: Tutorials

August 11th, 2008 by Cobwebs

Here’s a bunch of quick-hit projects that can be bent to darker ends.*

Photo Bookmarks – Zakka Life shows you how to make unique bookmarks out of photographs. You could use the same technique to have a clip-art Cthulhu hold your place for you.

Scrap Scarves – Easy scarves made out of leftover fabric scraps. These would be nice in dark, gothy fabrics.

Pencil Bags – Fabric bags with zippers that could be used for lots of other things (jewelry or lingerie bags come to mind). I love the little skull-print one.

Custom Neckties – This one requires a bit more sewing skill, but it’s worth it. There’s all kinds of novelty print fabric out there just screaming to be made into a necktie. (It’d be particularly cute if you could find a hangman’s noose print.)

Cloth Napkins: These are one of those projects where the result looks like you worked a lot harder than you actually did. They make a great hostess gift, too. Black and Red Napkins, Halloween Cocktail Napkins, Handmade Cloth Napkins.

Ribbon Roses – These are wonderful embellishments for clothing and accessories. Make a bunch in black and dark purple to cluster atop a hat.


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