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Decorate with Posters

August 26th, 2008 by Cobwebs

PosterFramed posters are an inexpensive and easy way to add interest to a room. You can select designs to match your decorating style, and swap them out when you feel like a change.

There are plenty of Halloween- and Goth-themed posters available from sites like AllPosters,, and BareWalls. (The latter two have a smaller selection, and the designs seem a little more skewed toward “dorm room” than “interior decor.”)

You can also make your own posters using graphic editing software and have them printed professionally. Choose artwork you like, or do something like Mike Matas’ Life Poster. As long as you’re getting a print, consider doing multiple copies for unique gifts or party favors.

Framing is essential if you don’t want your interior to look like a teenager’s bedroom. It can be expensive if you have it done professionally, but it isn’t hard to do yourself. Most large craft and office supply stores sell frames and mats inexpensively, and many can give you tips on proper technique. You can also check out this eHow article on how to frame a poster.

Display proudly. For ideas on how to set the posters to best advantage, you can check out these articles on making the most of posters and paintings here, here, and here.

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