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Halloween Advent Calendar

August 13th, 2009 by Cobwebs

AdventAdvent calendars are a popular way to count down to Christmas, but there’s no reason why that “other” holiday should have all of the fun. I’ve put together a tutorial for making a simple fabric calendar, but you can also modify DIY instructions for any Christmas advent calendar that strikes your fancy just by adding an extra row (you want 30 spots rather than 24).

Some ideas that I like include individual pouches on a swag, recycled Altoids, tea, and other tins, a wooden box with drawers (this is actually just a repainted version of a commerical Advent calendar; you might have to look a little harder to find a box with 30 drawers rather than 24), and an elaborate DIY version of a commercial Halloween countdown calendar.

You can put candy in each spot if you like, but you could also use plastic fangs, erasers shaped like pumpkins, bendy skeletons, or any other cheap novelty that catches your fancy. For a grown-up version, fill the calendar with treats like pumpkin truffles and black lipstick.

There are 80 days until Halloween, so you’ve got plenty of time to whip up a calendar in time for October 1.

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