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Grimm Brothers Brewhouse

August 12th, 2010 by Cobwebs

Grimm Brothers LabelI love beer, and although I’m not quite so far gone as to choose one based solely on the label, I have to admit that if all other things are equal I can be swayed by eye-catching packaging; this is particularly true if I’m choosing something to serve at a party, where I’m fond of theming my drink selections.

I can only hope that the newly-opened Grimm Brothers Brewhouse has a quality product, because their labels are awesome.

The brewhouse, located in Loveland, Colorado, specializes in German-style lagers and ales. It’s named, obviously, in honor of the German collectors of folktales, and each of their microbrews are named after one of the stories. The first three they plan to produce are Snow Drop (an alternate name for Snow White), The Fearless Youth (based on Youth Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was), and Little Red Cap (aka Little Red Riding Hood). They chose those stories because “They’re a little darker, a little bit whimsical…more adult story lines,” and the labels bear that out; I particularly like Little Red Cap’s sly smile and hidden hatchet.

The Grimm Brothers site is fairly sparse, and doesn’t currently list any non-local distributors for the beer. I do hope they’ll eventually make it outside the Colorado area; I’d love to try them.

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