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My Best Friend’s Link Dump

September 2nd, 2011 by Cobwebs

Haunted Dollhouse – I posted about The Bloggess’ haunted dollhouse project a while back. She recently uploaded a bunch of more-detailed photos, and they are just gorgeous.

Buffy the Riveter – Sadly I missed the shirt when it was up on Teefury, but there are prints available here.

Pair’em Scare’em – Cute nail polish duo from OPI. They also have a collection of Spookette minis.

Mexican Skeletons Clutch – Pretty vinyl clutch with a sugar-skull detail. Something similar might be DIY-able.

10 Creepy, Sexy Fairy Tales That Should be Films – I agree with io9 that Snow White doesn’t need another retelling.

12 Craziest Eyeshadows – Several of these aren’t really eyeshadows, but the “Nightmare Before Christmas” makeup and the “zippers” are both worth a look.

Yep – Bwahahahaha.

Spooky Places – Google Map of strange and scary places to visit. The owner welcomes collaboration.

creepygirl – This is nothing more than one of those lifelike Japanese androids, and it does nothing more than follow your cursor around the screen, but DAMN it smacks you right in the Uncanny Valley.

Haunted Times – The magazine is re-launching and their “appetizer” issue is free online.

Naver – This Webcomic strip uses Javascript to unexpectedly animate some of the frames. It is unnerving as hell. Really. You have been warned. (Incidentally, I don’t think Naver is actually the name of the comic, but I don’t read Korean.)

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