The Art of Darkness


September 19th, 2011 by Cobwebs

iDrakulaEvery time I think Dracula has been reimagined in every way possible, somebody digs up Vlad’s corpse and does something new with it.

iDrakula is a rather literal “reboot” of the story, a modern retelling done entirely via text messages, browser screenshots, e-mails, and file attachments like photos and PDFs. It’s really rather clever, with lots of detailed touches like pages of bounced emails during Jonathan’s captivity at Dracula’s castle.

The book has also been ported into an iPhone app, which creates an interactive story that includes emails and voicemails sent to your phone.

The first text is, “Renfield had a psychotic break. Carted off to Bellevue. More l8r.” How can you not be amused by that?

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