The Art of Darkness


May 1st, 2013 by Cobwebs

Calavera CookieIt could be argued that Andrea of Cupookie has too much time on her hands. Because her blog is full of insanely-detailed cookies like this calavera gingerbread man, cookies whose decorations would make mere mortals cringe in terror at the thought of trying to replicate them.

They sure are awesome-looking, though.

Best of all, every other entry seems to be somehow spook-related; she’s got some lovely (and perhaps even do-able by us mere mortals) pumpkin spice sugar cookies, all kinds of Halloween cookies, magical fairies, girly skulls, and even some redecorated Hello Kitty skeletons.

She’s also got some interesting posts about things like cookies which resemble rocks, which opens up some possibilities in Halloween-party treats.

Mainly, though, you’re going to run into her brush embroidery cookies or the henna-inspired ones and be entirely boggled by the amount of detail work that went into them. Browse her site at the risk of feeling very inadequate in the cookie-decorating department.

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