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Sawdust Bear Makes Things

May 22nd, 2013 by Cobwebs

Sculpture by Sawdust Bear…and the things that she makes are adorably weird.

Artist Shing Yin Khor draws and sculpts all manner of bizarre little beasts, with blobbular bodies and a look of wide-eyed wonder.

My sculptures are rooted in the ideas of bad science, historical hoaxes and cabinets of curiosities. I make anxious, nervous critters, and trap them within the rigidity of bumbling science.

Her site is full of photos of her work, creatures with names like “fattybugs” and “larms,” all of which are ridiculously cute. You would think, for instance, that something called a Desecrated Gravebeast would not be particularly cuddly, but you would be wrong.

She’s also a talented illustrator, creating cheerfully slimy little animals and also one-off silliness like The Macbeth Signal. She also does a part-drawn, part-sculpted webcomic which follows the adventures of a schlubby little monster named Marlowe.

She sells some of her items online, and a few of her posts feature commissions she’s done, so if you need a whimsical monster of your very own she might be able to oblige.

(Hat tip to xJane)

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