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The Boney Bunch is Back

June 29th, 2010 by Cobwebs

Boney Bunch CoupleI posted about Yankee Candle’s “Boney Bunch” collection when they were released a couple of years ago, and since then one of my commenters has faithfully kept us updated on the status of the collection. wildeprose has come through again, recently leaving this comment:

Hey guys!
Its that time of year again!
Boney Bunch is coming back for 1 last year! The company has stated that this will be “Part 3” and that they will end it at that….not because the demand is not there, but because they are happy to see it go on as a collectors item!
This year…again as an insider…I believe they are doing the next step after marriage which is CHILDREN!
The company is being very secretive about the collection this year…so I cant give you much info….all I can say at this point is that yes indeed it it coming out again, this will more than likely be the last year, and more than likely it will be related to boney bunch children….
The preview party will be between Aug 7th and 9th….BE PREPARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stay tuned….I will give info the moment I get it!!!!

If things work out as they have in past years, these suckers will be snapped up almost as soon as they hit the shelves. If you’re in the market for wedding cake toppers, party favors, or (if wildeprose is correct about the new addition) a very unique baby shower gift, you’re definitely going to need to act fast.

Thanks, wildeprose!

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  1. poopisan Says:

    I would check sooner than that, if you wanted to get some. Last year Michael’s started Halloween on July 18th. Boney Bunch kids? I’ll
    look but… Kids? ew.

  2. wildeprose Says:

    Hey there!
    Yes, I have faithfully posted simply because I absolutely love this collection myself…and I hated seeing people miss out! As someone with an inside track to the whole thing, they are being VERY quiet even with employees, waiting til the last minute to say anything! Again, as I stated before it is sort of a rumor that it is going to involve boney bunch children. I spoke with the buyer at the beginning of the year and he stated then that it would more than likely go to the next level of the marriage. This WILL be the last year though!!!!!
    I will be getting infor probably in about a week and I will post the moment I hear something!
    ALSO, like they did last year….start checking the website around July 28th this year to see if they have begun to list it online. Last year they started online before it came to the stores!
    Stay Tuned!!!!!

  3. wildeprose Says:

    Greetings! I have a little bit of news! Just enough to have your mouth water for more!!!
    The official date for the Boney Bunch preview party will be Saturday August 7th! WRITE IT DOWN!!!!!
    This year they will be doing a gift with purchase again! It will be a Boney Bunch candy dish!!!!
    I will probably hear something very soon regarding the actual pcs, so stay tuned!!!

  4. wildeprose Says:

    HEY PEEPS! Just a reminder……make sure to go online and print yourself off a 10 off 25 coupon, you can do it on their website, OR just do a yahoo search for the up to date coupon that is out there! SAVE THE MONEY!!!!!

  5. wildeprose Says:

    OK!! Here is the scoop! The long awaited boney bunch pcs!!!!
    The sneaky little devils were purposely creating rumors to confuse people as to what the theme would be this year!!!
    The theme for the boney bunch this year is ACTUALLY the “reception”!
    Yes, so last year they were married, and this year they have moved on to the reception!
    This years pcs will include one peice that is a throw back to before the marriage, and the rest are reception based…OK OK OK on with the pcs!!!
    Bride and Groom (the groom is proposing to the bride)
    The bride and groom with a cake kinda like last year BUT they are feeding each other the cake! There will be the couple riding a motorcycle!!!!!
    There will another American Gothic piece. A headless horseman, a skeleton votive holder that says LAST CALL, the “boney band” group of boney men playing instruments, a boney jar holder, a salt and peper shaker set, a boney platter, and finally a BONEY SANTA…LOL! which seems a little strange to me…but whatever.
    Aside from these pcs will be a couple other random pcs that need no special mention.
    My sources say that the company is still deciding whether or not to give the candy dish or an actual candle as a gift with purchase…its still up in the air!!!
    Be on the look out!!! AUGUST 7th! It will be in the morning! GET THERE!!!!!!! And again it could be on the website a few days before…so check that out as well!!!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!

  6. wildeprose Says:

    OK…for my own selfish reasons now…..If anyone is interested in trading the 1st boney bunch couple, with the 2nd year dancing couple…let me know!

  7. krystald Says:

    wildeprose are you talking about the taper one? the dancing ones. I have it and would trade you.

  8. wildeprose Says:

    I just re-read what I posted last, and it was a bit vague or confusing…sorry!
    I am looking to get the 1st season boney bunch like the one in the photo above….to which, I would offer to give up the dancing couple….make sense?

  9. wildeprose Says:

    HEY GUYS!!!!!!
    Roughly 2 weeks and counting down!!!!
    They have officially announced this in stores….and will actually be giving out a BONEY BUNCH baby jar candle at the even for all who attend!!!!

  10. wildeprose Says:

    Check out FACEBOOK for photos of the new boney bunch!!!!

  11. andrew Says:

    where on Facebook???

  12. wildeprose Says:

    On the Yankee Candle facebook page….look for it…the official page! They are on there :)

  13. grandma lise Says:

    Wildeprose, thanks for all the GREAT information. I have all of the 2008 and many of the 2009 pieces. Love them and can’t wait to see the final collection. Do your sources know who the artist is for 2010? It was Ronnie Walters in 2008, Mark ? in 2009. The artist’s name is usually on the bottom of the piece. Thanks!

  14. wildeprose Says:

    Grandma Lise: You are most welcome! I love them myself! I actually have most all of them from both 08, and 09….but my neice broke my 2008 bride and groom couple (the one with the bouquet) and I have been frantic to find someone that wants to sell one!
    Anyway, from what I understand its the same artisian that did 2009…..dont hold me 100% to it, but I am pretty certain!
    Check out Yankee’s official FACEBOOK page because they have started posting pics of the stuff on there… here is the webiste to type in:
    once you are on the page click on the tab that says PHOTOS, and click on each one you wanna look at from there :)
    They dont have all of them on facebook yet but I think there is gonna be like 13 new pcs!!!!

  15. grandma lise Says:

    Thanks Wildeprose. Just got back from the storage unit. Have only 6 of the 2009 pieces. The artist listed on the two pirate pieces and on the coffin piece from 2009 is Mark Cook.

    My closest store is an hour and half away. Going to have a tough time choosing which 2010 pieces to get. Am hoping Yankee Candle will list them all on the website or on Facebook before Saturday morning.

  16. Sadie Says:

    OMG!!! It’s available on their website RIGHT NOW!!!! Love it!

  17. grandma lise Says:

    Yep, had to buy them all. The couple’s bed is adorable. I also like the golfer, ghost rider, the house, and the mansion too. Loved the simplicity of the ghoul jar holder. But as I said, bought them all! Not sure I believe this will be the last year, but if the artist is ready to move on to something different, I understand that too. Perhaps three years is enough. The question now is WHERE to store it all!

  18. grandma lise Says:

    I purchased the candy bowl yesterday but was charged $30. I called today, and they’re going to credit me $20, I think, when the order ships. As of today, the candy bowl is only $7 with a qualifying purchase.

    Did anyone else purchase Boney Claus?

  19. grandma lise Says:

    It’s Yankee Candle’s launch day for their Halloween line and to kick things off they have added to their website a mystery to solve. (Hint: They have four Halloween candle scents this year).

    For a little pre-Halloween fun, go to and click on “The Mystery of Yankee Manor” and watch the video THEN click on each of the suspects directly under the video to WATCH four additional videos about the suspects – (and/or click on “continue” to READ about each of the four suspects) – THEN choose which of the four suspects you think “dun it”!


  20. wildeprose Says:

    Hey everyone! I am posting on the main page as well….I wanted to check and see if everyone got their new pcs!?!?!?!
    I was at the preview party and the store was PACKED!
    I bought most all of the pcs this year, but I must say this is not my favorite year!
    I already know the answer to the Mystery of Yankee Manor….I hope everyone filled out one of the entries when they went into the store, they are giving away gift cards to the people they draw!!!!!
    Grandma Lise….yes, the bowl was 7 bux if you purchased over 30! Im glad you are enjoying the new year of Boney stuff!!!

  21. Lady V Says:

    On Friday, August 6 2010 Yankee Candle made their collection available for purchase online just hours before the preview parties, and I was able to order everything I wanted. It is a really nicely done set. The Boney Claus Santa might take some getting used to, but is adorable! My favorite piece would have to be the Last Call Boney Bunch man with the life size shotglass. Add the Haunted Mansion 3 bottle set behind it and you have a centerpiece sure to grab a laugh. Next to that, all of the Bridal pieces brought a smile to my face.

  22. grandma lise Says:

    I’ve been tracking closely what’s sold out. As of this morning, the three bottle tealight set is sold out BUT I’ve read elsewhere that the “low stock” indicator is not working properly this year, SO you may see the three bottle set alternated between “in stock” and “sold out” today. I ordered it but have not seen it yet. An Ebay seller stated that it glows purple. In the store, I put a battery operated tealight in it, but the room was too brightly lit. I think it will work better with real tealights in a dark room (or perhaps a string of mini lights!). Lady V, I think displaying it with Last Call is a great idea. I ordered the ALL of the pieces and should get them any day now. Don’t know if I mentioned this, but I tracked down where to get the black spider web doilies and table tops that were sold in the Yankee stores this year. They are available from Heritage Lace. A quick search will take you to their website. If you weren’t able to see them in the store, a number of Ebay sellers are using the doilies to display their boney bunch pieces for sale this year. You can also find them on the Heritage Lace website. I decorate for one to two parties a year. Up until now, I’ve added Pier 1’s glass pebble halloween mix. Can’t wait to use the doilies and table tops too! Here’s a link to pictures of the Boney Bunch 2008 Collection, except for the bride and groom that I collected later from Ebay. I this table center piece for for my art group’s annual Halloween Party. Enjoy the slideshow!

  23. Lady V Says:

    My husband and I were just shopping at the Yankee Candle store in the Freehold Raceway Mall in NJ earlier this week and found out something interesting. He casually asked the store manager if the Boney Bunch collection truly ended in 2010. She said emphatically ‘No! In fact our next staff meeting is to discuss costumes for this year’s launch date, August 6 2011!’ So mark your calendars folks, the Boney Bunch is coming back. My husband is already groaning “where are we going to put all of these collections?” Perhaps in our new Boney Bunch mansion? Stay tuned and enjoy!

  24. wildeprose Says:

    HELLO ALL!!!!! We are fast approaching 2011 Halloween season @ Yankee!!!! I haven’t had access to online in a couple weeks so I wasnt able to come here and mention as soon as I heard!!!!!
    GUESS WHAT!?!?!?!?! Boney Bunch IS going to be back again!!!! I know I had mentioned last year that it was going to be the last year…..HOWEVER, as I also mentioned that the company has begun to be VERY sneaky with this collection!!!! It has been SUCH A CRAZE!!!!! SOOO yes, they tricked me as well!!!! But guess what?!?!?! They tricked the employees as well…they just wanted everyone to realize the limited amounts of the collections that come out each year….and to create a BUZZ!!!!!
    I havent quite heard much about them this year, but will be hearing very soon some details!!! As in the past I will give the info as soon as I get it…and based on the past couple years, I have been getting the info before anyone yet!!!!!!
    STAY TUNED!!!!!

  25. wildeprose Says:

    Hello All!
    They are being VERY SNEAKY even now! The stores that have been saying when the “Halloween Preview Party” was going to be are now being elusive! I should be hearing some info VERY SOON! It has trended that I get info about the pieces the first week of July! BE ON THE LOOK OUT!

  26. wildeprose Says:

    HEY ALL!!!!!!
    Mwahahahahaha! I have a couple little details about Boney Bunch 2011!!!!! Should I tell you now, or should I just rattle on about having details??? I dont know….hmmmm….LOL!
    Anyway, this year, as mentioned before, they are bringing Boney Bunch back. As of right now, my sources tell me that the “Halloween Party” will be on Saturday August 6th! Usually the stores will open roughly an hour or two early for the party…be aware of your local stores! Also, as in the past, they usually put it online roughly 4 or 5 days before it hits the stores, so look online as well!
    From what I hear, the ONLY piece that they have leaked is……GRIM REAPER! Yes, there will be a “Boney” Grim Reaper!
    The coupon that they will be sending out, or passing out in the stores has a photo of this REAPER on it, and it will be a $10 off $30 coupon (make sure to take coupons to the event!)
    Also, they will be doing a gift with purchase type of thing again this year as they did in the past. It will be either something FREE, or something like the bowl last year that they sell for really cheap at the party only!
    I am hearing that I will get news of the rest of the pcs within about a weekish, so BE ON THE LOOK OUT!!!!!! BOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

  27. mwcmfgg Says:


    Thanks so much for keeping us posted! Can’t wait to hear more details :) :)

  28. Boney's Biggest Fan Says:

    Any news yet?? Sorry if my message posted twice :( Thanks for your hard work- we appreciate it!!

  29. wildeprose Says:


    Boney Bunch 2011 has made its PRIVATE debut! Again, I cannot give any more details than what I give because of privacy issues!
    This year is a bit all over the board with pcs. I do like some of the pcs, but it is not my favorite year! I will be getting probably about 6 pcs myself! Based on seeing the pcs, I would not doubt that this is the last year…..and that is just me speculating!

    OK….enough teasing! HERE WE GO!!!! GRIM REAPER…this is a Boney that is sitting next to a clock, its a votive holder,
    Grim REAPER tart burner,
    The wedding couple sitting outside a chapel, this is a tealight holder, this year’s taper holder is Bride and Groom, the Groom is Carrying the Bride over the “threshold”,
    The couple are sitting in a boat “love boat” tealight holder,wedding couple JAR TOPPER,
    wedding couple Jar Holder,
    “headless” boney bobbin for apples votive holder,
    Boney crawling out of grave with tombstone tealight,
    BONEY L.E.D. Waterglobe,
    L.E.D Boney Witch,
    Boney ELF sitting next to a present (works well with last yrs BONEY CLAUS),
    Boney Man in a horse driven wagon full of pumpkins,
    Boney Farmer,
    Boney holding chainsaw cutting a pumpkin votive holder, a Boney Dog, and a Boney Bat!!!!!!

    YES, I said all of that in one BREATH!!!!!! Again, make sure you guys find coupons to take with you to the party….there are some good ones out there!
    There will be a GIFT WITH PURCHASE at the party ONLY! It will be a small jar of witches brew!!! You only get those from 10AM-12PM at the party!!!!
    Make sure you check out the website a couple days earlier, sometimes in the past they have shown them online before they land in the stores!

  30. Lady V Says:

    Thank you so much wildeprose for sharing your news. I am so excited I’m already planning for our trip to the local Yankee Candle shop’s preview party in 2 weeks. Woo-Hoo!

  31. Lady V Says:

    I just checked on Facebook and they are listing the prices of some of the 2011 Boney Bunch pieces. Here’s the info for anyone looking to plan ahead.

    Bonesy the Dog tealight holder, $9.99

    Wedding Chapel Double Tealight Holder, $29.99

    Wedding Couple [Groom carries the Bride over the threshold] Taper Holder, $16.99

    Love Boat Tealight Holder, $16.99

    Times Up Votive Holder [with the Grim Reaper], $16.99

    Chainsaw Tealight Holder [with Grim Reaper], $17.99

    Grim Reaper Tart Warmer, $34.99

    Bat Tealight Holder, $9.99

    Rest in Pieces Tealight Holder, $14.99

    Jar Holder, $24.99

    Bob for Apples Tealight Holder, $19.99

    Water Globe, $44.99

    Witch LED Tealight Holder, $24.99

    Boney Claus Votive Holder, $17.99

    Elf Tealight Holder, $9.99

    Haunted House multi tealight holder, $49.99

    Headless Farmer Votive Holder, $17.99

    Wagon Double Tealight Holder, $39.99

    Headless Sitter, $7.99

    Grim Reaper Sitter, $7.99

    Hope this helps, and enjoy Saturday August 6, 2011 from 10 am to 12 pm at your local Yankee Candle AfterLife preview Party!

  32. Lady V Says:

    My husband just called me and let me know that the Boney Bunch is now up and available for purchase on the website. I just put in my order for many of the pieces. They look adorable! Bonesy is just the cutest thing, and I really like the Farmer and the white horse pulling the wagon full of pumpkins. So nice to look forward to Fall and Halloween again. Enjoy!

  33. Lady V Says:

    Wildeprose, you mentioned a wedding couple jar holder, but there does not seem to by anything matching that description available. Also did you know about the ornaments offered this year? Just curious, thank you!

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