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The Boney Bunch

September 2nd, 2008 by Cobwebs

Boney Bunch CoupleThis post was originally going to be a little heads-up about Yankee Candle’s new Boney Bunch product line, but then reader Alea wrote me with a problem: Because Halloween falls on a Friday this year, there’s a spike in Halloween weddings and Yankee Candle has sold out of the Bride and Groom.

Their reps are saying that they don’t know if they’ll be able to restock before Halloween, and this particular item is so popular that it’s selling for up to $400 on eBay right now. Alea hopes that if we all nag Yankee Candle, they might make restocking a priority.

If you’re having a Halloween wedding and would like some of these cuties as favors or cake toppers, or if you just want to let Yankee Candle know that we spooky types are a nontrivial part of their demographic, you might want to drop them a line at and ask them nicely to restock these guys before the big day.

(If you’re lucky enough to be a Halloween bride next year, better keep an eye on these and snap them up as soon as they’re back in stock.)

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  1. wildeprose Says:

    Yea…..I just got word of that! LOL! They will probably start putting it up for sale on the website tomorrow, or August 1st when they begin their new sale….they usuallu change things right at the beginning of the month……
    KEEP LOOKING!!!!!!!

  2. Wendy Says:

    I’m excited! Their spooky Halloween stuff looks great.

  3. Marcy Says:

    Has anyone received the Halloween catalog yet? Someone on FB said they did… im DYING to see the rest of the collection!

  4. Debbie Says:

    There are two Boney Bunch 2010 pieces on ebay. Don’t know how they got them before Saturday and already scalping the prices.

  5. Amanda Says:

    Someone tried to post pictures of the catalog pages on the fb page and they got deleted (still in the pictures section but not on the wall posts) and someone else posted a price list and they deleted that too! They’re driving me crazy lol.

  6. Marlene Says:

    My mother-in-law went to our local store and they showed her the catalog but they held it as she looked at it. She went in asking 100 questions about them.
    I can not believe they are keeping such a tight wrap on it this year.

  7. Tina Says:

    they are for sale on the y.k. website now.

  8. Wendy Says:

    The Boney Bunch stuff is now up on the Yankee Candle Web site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ordered some a few hours ago. If you spend $30, you can purchase a $30 bowl for $10! But you have to call in the order as they’re having some trouble with the bowl deal posting.

  9. rosehill Says:

    I missed out on all of the boney bunch last year, so I am starting anew… I looked on Thurs. Aug 5th, and it seemed like all styles were available on the yankee website. This morning the boney bunch santa wa,s showing sold out until around 10:30, when they became available again. Is the company only releasing so many a day? Also, a previous poster (the one who works at Yankee), said production was increased this year. Is the market going to be flooded? Thoughts, anyone? Thank you!

  10. Marlene Says:

    wildeprose..there is a 2008 bride & groom listed on ebay.

  11. wildeprose Says:

    HELLO ALL!!!!
    I hope everyone got to the local Yankee and got all of the pcs they wanted!!!!
    The preview parties were a hit from what I hear! The company saw DOUBLE in sales this year with Boney Bunch…though I must say myself this year is not my favorite!
    @ROSEHILL: Yes their production was pumped up a bit this year on the pcs they knew were gonna sell! The wedding themed stuff was the area they made sure to have alot of this year as it was such a smash the past 2 yrs and it took them this long to figure it out.
    The stuff that is showing up on ebay related to the WEDDING stuff is not gonna be that difficult to find…all of those people that went out and bought that stuff this year will find its gonna be more difficult to sell at such inflated prices!
    NOW…with this said….The pcs that have been the challenge to get your hands on is BONEY CLAUS, the LAST CALL, Headless horseman, and the couple in bed entitled ETERNAL SLUMBER.
    I dont think the company anticipated BONEY CLAUS being such a hit because they did very minimal ordering of that one….so that is the one this year that you will find inflated prices on ebay with!!!!
    I managed to snag 2 of those suckers! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!
    They are NOT only releasing a few a day ROSEHILL, I think that happened because they were flooded with calls on the boney claus and they stopped taking orders on it so they could make sure of what their inventory was on it, that was why they relisted it briefly afterward…it is sold out now though!
    As I mentioned a while back, from what I hear this is the last year for Boney Bunch….so get out there and snap’em up if you are wanting any of it!!!!

  12. wildeprose Says:

    Marlene :)
    Awww….that is so nice of you to let me know…I appreciate you lookin out for me! You know I was already on it as soon as I saw it on EBAY! And YES I bid on it! They have a buy it now price of $249….but I bid $99 bux so far and I am gonna ride it out and see if I can get it :)
    Thanks again for thinking of me…..very kind of you! :)
    Did you get all of the pcs you wanted??????

  13. Susan, Halloween Bride Says:

    Got all the pieces I wanted at the preview party!! Got the santa (store only had 5), the last call and the bed plus the other wedding ones!!! Also got the candy dish for $7.00! Also got the set of 3 bottles!! All the pieces are GREAT!!!

  14. rosehill Says:

    Thank you so very much for taking the time to answer, wildeprose. I managed to get a Santa, Last Call, Headless Horseman, Motorcycle Couple,Golfer, Couple in Bed and the three band singers. I thought that my 30 year old son who plays drums would want the band, but he said he didn’t. Guys!……………….
    There are a couple from previous years on ebay that I would love to have. What I really need to figure out is where to display them! Does anyone have any great ideas for display? Thanks!

  15. Mallory Says:

    Hi Rosehill. I pull out a card table and set some strong empty boxes on it (to create various heights) and cover it with Halloween fabrics and black netting (tulle)over it to display pieces for Halloween. I also pack away dishes in my china cabinet and display Boney Bunch pieces. I purchased clear plastic bases (from a gift store) which elevate some of the larger pieces so I can place other pieces in front and create layers of various heights.

  16. rosehill Says:

    Good ideas, Mallory! thank you!

  17. Mallory Says:

    Just saw on Yankee Candle website that the bride and groom in bed is “low stock.” If you missed out on it over the weekend and you don’t want to try ebay go to yankee candle 12:15 central time

  18. wildeprose Says:

    Hey guys!
    @Susan, I am so glad you got the pcs you wanted! It’s fun stuff isn’t it??? Who am I kidding, I am a secret obsession with these things, that really is not a secret at all! Heheheh!
    @Rosehill, YAY! You got the good ones! :) In the past, I usually display mine on my fireplace mantle….I went out and bought some peat moss (you can get it for CHEAP!!! maybe like 3 bux) and I staggered all of the pcs on my mantle at different heights with some clear plexi risers I bought, and spread the peat moss out over the whole mantle. I also got some fake spiderwebs that I sort of twisted around the pcs and bought some fake spiders and sort of scattered them around the pcs. I wanted to give it a sort of graveyard look. I got lots of compliments on it in the past. This year, I think I am having a Halloween Masquerade party that is sort of Victorian Wedding theme. I will use my new plates and bowls they released with the boney stuff on it, and do a big sort of WEDDING reception!!! My best friend is making the “wedding cake” It will be a white cake, iced in white icing, and we will decorate it with some black accents, but the filling will be a strawberry base so it will look like when you cut the cake that it is “blood” :)
    My boney pcs will probably end up on my dining table scattered around the cake this year….
    does that help??? :)
    Have fun with it guys….think outside of the box and make it fun for you and your family! :)

  19. rosehill Says:

    Great ideas, Wildeprose! I love your ideas, and your party will be so much fun. I can picture the cake, too!

  20. rosehill Says:

    Wildeprose-do you know how I could get a raven tart burner with the tart burner? I looked online this morning, and it is listed again, but sold out. It is still being shown as a tart burner. I really want it-just for show-not to burn. I have to have it!
    And, the Halloween poison wine bottles are all sold out too. I called 10 stores in Ohio yesterday and I am coming up emptyhanded. Do you have any “insider” ideas for me? I am desperate for those, too! Thank you!

  21. wildeprose Says:

    Rosehill: Honey I am sorry! My only other suggestion is to contact the YANKEE CANDLE FLAGSHIP stores….there are 2 of them….these are the HUGE yankee candle stores and tend to get lots of stock…so maybe check them!
    Also, unfortunately I have seen them on EBAY :P
    I will see if I can find out anything else.
    :) Keep your spirits up!

  22. MARTI Says:


  23. Debbie Says:

    I just ordered the Mr Bones Skull chiller and triple skull tea light holder from These look just like boney bunch…. check them out….

  24. Debbie Says:

    I got the dip chiller from and it is fantastic. I am not going to use it for dip but fill his hat with treats. Love it…

  25. Marlene Says:

    @debbie – I also order the chiller and the plate stand about a month ago and love them.

    Since we moved out of state right after the premier party I have yet to unpack my new pieces.

    @wildprose – were you able to get the older piece you were missing?

  26. Amberf Says:

    Does anyone know if there is a complete list of all Boney Bunch pieces from 2008-2010 with pictures?


  27. amber Says:

    Hey all

    I was in Yankee candle today the worker told me they are no longer making boney bunch because they are too labor intensive and the whole theme this year about who did it was a way to kill off the series. I was horrified and I hope she is lying anyone know ?

  28. Debbie Says:

    I also heard this was the last year. We can look forward to a new and different Halloween series next year….

  29. Becky Says:

    I also asked someone at Yankee Candle about the rumor that this was the last year and she seemed shocked that I would even think that. She said that with this year’s collection, they started planning for it in January and did a lot of promotional work for it but also kept it very hush hush. I hope that this isn’t the end of the Boney Bunch series but I guess only time will tell.

  30. Becky Says:

    PS- The bride and groom from 2008 recently sold on ebay for $500!!! I couldn’t believe it!! There is one on there now listed at about $750! Wish I had gotten one at the time!

  31. Delana Droz Says:

    Becky, man I wish I would have seen though too. Thats crazy.

  32. wildeprose Says:

    HELLO ALL!!!!! We are fast approaching 2011 Halloween season @ Yankee!!!! I haven’t had access to online in a couple weeks so I wasnt able to come here and mention as soon as I heard!!!!!
    GUESS WHAT!?!?!?!?! Boney Bunch IS going to be back again!!!! I know I had mentioned last year that it was going to be the last year…..HOWEVER, as I also mentioned that the company has begun to be VERY sneaky with this collection!!!! It has been SUCH A CRAZE!!!!! SOOO yes, they tricked me as well!!!! But guess what?!?!?! They tricked the employees as well…they just wanted everyone to realize the limited amounts of the collections that come out each year….and to create a BUZZ!!!!!
    I havent quite heard much about them this year, but will be hearing very soon some details!!! As in the past I will give the info as soon as I get it…and based on the past couple years, I have been getting the info before anyone yet!!!!!!
    STAY TUNED!!!!!

  33. Wendy N. Says:

    Thanks for the update. I really bought way too much Boney Bunch stuff last year, but it made me happy!

  34. Debbie Says:

    I personally am Boney Bunched out. I have way too many pieces and none I bought last season even compare to the first years. Why in the world did I buy that Santa? And one of the pieces I ordered from Yankee Website was cracked on the bottom and by the time I got it it was sold out and couldn’t replace it. This years pieces will need to be really spectacular for me to add any more to my collection. And storing them all… what was I thinking?

  35. wildeprose Says:

    Hello All!
    They are being VERY SNEAKY even now! The stores that have been saying when the “Halloween Preview Party” was going to be are now being elusive! I should be hearing some info VERY SOON! It has trended that I get info about the pieces the first week of July! BE ON THE LOOK OUT!

  36. Susan, Halloween Bride Says:

    The Boney Bunch preview party is August 6, 2011!!!!! Just found out from the store I shop at!! Can’t wait to see the new pieces!!

  37. wildeprose Says:

    HEY ALL!!!!!!
    Mwahahahahaha! I have a couple little details about Boney Bunch 2011!!!!! Should I tell you now, or should I just rattle on about having details??? I dont know….hmmmm….LOL!
    Anyway, this year, as mentioned before, they are bringing Boney Bunch back. As of right now, my sources tell me that the “Halloween Party” will be on Saturday August 6th! Usually the stores will open roughly an hour or two early for the party…be aware of your local stores! Also, as in the past, they usually put it online roughly 4 or 5 days before it hits the stores, so look online as well!
    From what I hear, the ONLY piece that they have leaked is……GRIM REAPER! Yes, there will be a “Boney” Grim Reaper!
    The coupon that they will be sending out, or passing out in the stores has a photo of this REAPER on it, and it will be a $10 off $30 coupon (make sure to take coupons to the event!)
    Also, they will be doing a gift with purchase type of thing again this year as they did in the past. It will be either something FREE, or something like the bowl last year that they sell for really cheap at the party only!
    I am hearing that I will get news of the rest of the pcs within about a weekish, so BE ON THE LOOK OUT!!!!!! BOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Wendy Says:

    Hey Boney Bunch peeps, follow this link that has a flier about the Boney Bunch preview YC Halloween party for 2011!!/photo.php?fbid=2085924995473&set=o.39925915994&type=1&theater

    I’m very excited and love that candelabrum.

  39. wildeprose Says:


    Boney Bunch 2011 has made its PRIVATE debut! Again, I cannot give any more details than what I give because of privacy issues!
    This year is a bit all over the board with pcs. I do like some of the pcs, but it is not my favorite year! I will be getting probably about 6 pcs myself! Based on seeing the pcs, I would not doubt that this is the last year…..and that is just me speculating!

    OK….enough teasing! HERE WE GO!!!! GRIM REAPER…this is a Boney that is sitting next to a clock, its a votive holder,
    Grim REAPER tart burner,
    The wedding couple sitting outside a chapel, this is a tealight holder, this year’s taper holder is Bride and Groom, the Groom is Carrying the Bride over the “threshold”,
    The couple are sitting in a boat “love boat” tealight holder,wedding couple JAR TOPPER,
    wedding couple Jar Holder,
    “headless” boney bobbin for apples votive holder,
    Boney crawling out of grave with tombstone tealight,
    BONEY L.E.D. Waterglobe,
    L.E.D Boney Witch,
    Boney ELF sitting next to a present (works well with last yrs BONEY CLAUS),
    Boney Man in a horse driven wagon full of pumpkins,
    Boney Farmer,
    Boney holding chainsaw cutting a pumpkin votive holder, a Boney Dog, and a Boney Bat!!!!!!

    YES, I said all of that in one BREATH!!!!!! Again, make sure you guys find coupons to take with you to the party….there are some good ones out there!
    There will be a GIFT WITH PURCHASE at the party ONLY! It will be a small jar of witches brew!!! You only get those from 10AM-12PM at the party!!!!
    Make sure you check out the website a couple days earlier, sometimes in the past they have shown them online before they land in the stores!

  40. rosehill Says:

    So what pieces of this years collection does every one think will be the ones to disappear first? I usually like to concentrate on those first. They could be from the skeleton crew line, too! Thanks!

  41. Kelly Says:

    They’re on the website now:

  42. Susan, Halloween Bride Says:

    2012 preview party is August 4th!! WooHoo!!!!

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