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The Morbid Fashion

July 6th, 2011 by Cobwebs

Morbid FashionThe Morbid Fashion is a blog “dedicated to showcasing grown up goth fashion,” and site owner Zellain has a splendid eye for detail.

The blog grew out of her Morbid Fashion Tumblr site, where her posts of goth-fashion images attracted so many followers that she decided she needed a site for more substantial articles and tutorials.

The posts tend to be centered around a particular theme, like red and black for the home or men’s goth purple, so they’re a fantastic source of inspiration. She also offers useful tutorials and tips such as what makes a good shoe and how to put together a goth spring wardrobe.

You can also contract for her services personally via Subtle Goth, where she will offer sourcing and styling advice for wardrobe and interior decor.

The site is really a treasure trove of fashion and decorating ideas. Go take a look!

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