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Zombie “Truffles”

July 11th, 2011 by Cobwebs

TrufflesI’d never paid much attention to the novelty brain-shaped molds for chocolate and ice cubes, but over on Instructables kristylynn84 is using them to great effect. Her zombie truffles look splendid, and I’m particularly taken with the presentation.

I do have a couple of minor quibbles about her instructions: She suggests dropping a blob of melted chocolate (actually coverture, in her example) into the mold, adding filling, and then covering with another blob of chocolate. This tends to cause small bubbles which will mar the surface of the finished candy, plus quite a lot of hardened chocolate will have to be trimmed off the bottom. Better results could be had by filling and then inverting the molds to evenly coat the interior (you could also use a clean paintbrush to paint the chocolate onto the molds), filling them as desired, covering with additional chocolate, and then using an offset spatula to help smooth the top.

Also, these technically aren’t truffles, they’re filled chocolates. Truffles are made with ganache, which could certainly be used as the filling, perhaps with a raspberry tucked into the center of each one. However, I think the very best thing to make with these would be chocolate covered cherries.

The “blood” appears to just be powdered sugar and food coloring; a tastier version might be made with raspberry or cherry syrup, either purchased (raspberry | cherry) or homemade (raspberry | cherry).

I do love the suggestions for presentation, with each candy individually nestled in red tissue. What better way to tell a loved one that you’re thinking of them than to give them a boxful of brains?

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