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Even More Stuff I Found While Looking Around

February 12th, 2013 by Cobwebs

As in previous editions, here’s a bunch of images I’ve run across which don’t quite warrant a post of their own (click to view larger). Several of them have no attribution, so if you happen to know the source for any of these please leave a note in the comments.

Bat Vase

Bat Vase

Gorgeous vintage vase. According to this site, it was made by Amphora Bohemia circa 1905.
Frankenstein Chest

Frankenstein Chest of Drawers

This is pretty clearly from Spitfire Interiors, a site which is definitely up our collective alley. They have a similar piece on the site with awesome spider drawer pulls.
Chocolate Gems

Chocolate Gems

Great idea from p.s. I made this for making faux gemstones from chocolate and edible glitter.
Spider Web Makeup

Spiderweb Makeup

Lovely effect done by Malicious Makeup on deviantART. The same artist has lots of other interesting designs too.
Ghost Tree

Spooky Christmas Tree

This thing is all over Pinterest and Tumblr but I can’t find an original source anywhere. It’d be pretty easy to DIY; it appears to mostly be cheesecloth, possibly with some tulle used for the arms and hood. The face is one of those plastic masks from Scream.* Drape it over a white Christmas tree and add plastic prop manacles.

Ghostly Lantern

I was hoping this was actually a Halloween decoration, but instead it’s a digital image. However, it might be possible to do something fairly similar by cutting the little hands out of black craft acetate. It’d be a wonderfully subtle decoration.
Ouija Table

Ouija Table

I not only found the source for this, it even includes a tutorial complete with pattern. The pattern could obviously be resized to fit something smaller like a side table.
Raven Ring

Raven Ring

This is part of a collection called “Mysteries of the Forest” by Bjorg Jewelry. Their shop doesn’t seem to list it right now, although there’s a three-ring version.
Wire Spiderwebs

Wire Spiderweb

This cute little corner web is offered on Etsy by The Dusty Raven (who also makes lots of other interesting wire sculptures). It’s made from twisted barbed wire, but something similar might by DIY’d using floral wire.
Skull Tea Set

Skull Tea Set

The only thing I could find about about this is that it’s made in Germany and was sold by, but that domain is currently parked and probably defunct. Phooey.

*Funny story, apropos of nothing: When I first married Shadow Jack I moved into his condo, and late one evening I was unpacking boxes. He was working late, so I was alone. I was listening to a documentary about forensic pathology, and they were recounting a rather gruesome murder. A couple of books fell behind a desk, I reached back blindly to retrieve them, felt something soft, and pulled out…the mask from Scream. His nephew had been the Scream guy a couple of Halloweens previously, and at some point the mask and some other random Halloween faff had fallen down behind the desk. Where I, alone in a dark house and listening to murder details, found it. Had it been broad daylight I assume I would have said something more coherent than, “Guk.” As it was I nearly pissed myself.

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