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Skully Eggs

February 25th, 2013 by Cobwebs

Egg Treat BoxesI ran across this photo the other day and thought, “Aw, what a cute thing to do with plastic Easter eggs.” I eventually tracked it back to a Martha Stewart tutorial on making mini treat boxes and discovered that the instructions call for using papier-mache eggs which sell for four bucks a pop. Really, Martha? The price of two of those will buy you a gross of regular ol’ plastic eggs and you can paint ’em any color you want.

This tutorial discusses a couple of different methods to get plastic eggs to take paint (and as a bonus, it shows how to make pretty faux-“natural” eggs for decorating). You can paint them all white or do some in cream or light grey for a little more variety.

The Martha Stewart instructions use carefully-cut-out crepe paper for the facial features, which strikes me as being entirely too much work. If you want to do it that way, knock yourself out; the suggested glue stick might not adhere too well, so liquid white glue or something like Mod Podge would probably be preferable. A much easier method, to my mind, would be to just cut a paper stencil of the face and paint it on with black paint.

Make a bunch–maybe change a few up by painting them orange and giving them Jack-o’-lantern features–and fill them with little treats. Hand them out to friends or hide them and have a particularly gothy egg hunt.

They’d also look nice arranged in a basket or even hung like an ornament: To do the latter, either attach ribbon to the wider end with a dab of hot glue, or poke a couple of holes in the end using a dremel tool (or a heated-up nail if you’re careful) and then thread fishing line or yarn through the holes.

(Bonus link: Check out this neat skull egg from Skull-A-Day.)

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