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James and the Giant Link Dump

February 22nd, 2013 by Cobwebs

Giant Glowing Gummy Skull – For all your giant glowing gummy skull needs (although you have to supply the glow yourself).

Spiderweb Nail Polish – Tutorial for a lovely spider-and-web manicure. The same site has quite a few other spooky nail art too.

1922 Kodak Test Footage – Short clip of color(!) film from 1922. The descriptive blurb makes an interesting point about acting gestures. Some great outfits, too. (Hat tip to Bonni)

Pulp-o-Mizer – Really well-done image manipulator that lets you create your own pulp magazine cover.

Bad Children’s Books – Gallery of classic children’s books with reimagined titles. (Hat tip to pdq)

Bat Orphans – A look at bat rescue efforts in Australia. The cute, I am dying of it.

Jean Marc Laroche – Sculptor who seems to specialize in skeletons and other macabre subjects. Gorgeous work. (Hat tip to Cat)

Horrorgami – Book of spooky origami projects. In the same vein (har!) there’s Monster Origami and Zombigami.

Ratvocates – For the Love of Rats has a set of photos that try to rehabilitate ratties’ public image. Part 2 is here. (You guys, rats are the best pets.)

Giant Glow-in-the-Dark Googly Eyes – Yet another way to add eyeballs to the landscape.

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