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DIY Electronic Wedding Invitations

March 6th, 2013 by Cobwebs

Electronic Wedding InvitationsSelf-described “electronics geek” Bill Porter proposed using a circuit board, wired up an electronic wishing well for their engagement party, and their wedding theme was “Circuits and Swirls.” It only makes sense that they’d send out handmade electronic wedding invitations.

This is pretty hardcore, with custom circuitry and hand-soldered wiring. The lights flash in a particular sequence, then sample the ambient room lighting and kick off another sequence in Morse code. You can see it in action here:

The stationery has a circuitry theme and the invitation also includes a QR code.

Now, although this particular implementation goes well beyond “interesting project idea” and right into, “Whoa, Nelly,” this could be simplified considerably and would be an amazing invitation for a steampunk-themed wedding.

Wiring simple circuits with just a battery and some blinky lights is pretty straightforward. Evil Mad Scientist Labs and Aaron Williamson both have easy tutorials for making light-up greeting cards. Even simpler, Bare Conductive makes electricity-conducting paint that allows you to draw circuits instead of wiring them. They also have instructions for making a light-up card.

Add a few gears and antique-looking lettering, and you’ve got a standout invitation.

(For bonus points you could wire in a countdown timer that kicked off a different light sequence on the actual date of the wedding, although now we’re skating close to “Whoa, Nelly” again.)

(via When Geeks Wed)

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