The Art of Darkness

A Link Dump Runs Through It

March 29th, 2013 by Cobwebs

Undead Teds – “One of a kind zombie teddy bears.” These are gruesome little suckers.

Cemetery Gun – Interesting old method for deterring grave robbers.

123D Creature – iPhone app that lets you design your own monster and then order a 3-D print. (Man, 3-D printers are going to change the world.)

Goth T-shirt – An amusing sentiment from Voltaire.

The Littlest Lovecraft – Kickstarter for funding a series of Lovecraft-themed children’s books. (Hat tip to Sally)

To This Day Project – Not goth, but quite worthwhile; a video about confronting bullying.

Cryptofloricon – Site which greatly expands the Victorian “language of flowers” to let you convey concepts like “you can’t handle the truth” and “it’s not you it’s me.”

Spooky Bat Pegs – Clothespins with bat wings. I saw these as a prototype a few years ago; I’m glad a manufacturer is finally making them.

LED Crystal Earrings – Neat little light-up earrings.

Hitchhiking Ghosts Papercraft – Really nice paper “quilt” featuring the Haunted Mansion ghosts.

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