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Cemetery Prints

March 13th, 2013 by Cobwebs

Cemetery Prints

With a name like Sid Graves, what else could the photographer behind Cemetery Prints specialize in? Kittens?

He’s been “specializing in unique visions of the afterlife” for over 20 years, and he does have some lovely stuff. His photo subjects include graveyard statuary, tombstone details, cemetery gates, interesting epitaphs, spooky landscapes, and scenes with photoedited ghosts. (Some of the category links on the site are amusing; my favorite is “Feet of the Afterlife.”) He sells lovely hand-signed prints quite inexpensively, and also offers some framed limited-edition stuff.

The site itself is a tad hard to navigate (particularly frustrating is that there’s no way to directly order a print from the galleries: Instead you have to go to the “Prints for Sale” section and then browse around until you find it; there’s not even a search feature). However, if you don’t mind a little digging you can find some lovely, evocative stuff quite reasonably. They’d make a lovely gift or a striking addition to a room.

There’s also a blog, plus a Facebook page in which he seems to post at least a few images that aren’t on the site (or certainly aren’t immediately obvious). They’re definitely worth a look.

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