The Art of Darkness

Lovely Day of the Dead Artwork

February 5th, 2008 by Cobwebs

La CatrinaI was buzzing around on we*heart*prints the other day, and came across this gorgeous print by Sylvia Ji.

This is her take on La Calavera de la Catrina, a common Mexican folk-art symbol which represents the idea that the rich and fashionable die just like everybody else. I love the soft lines of this art, and the details like the spiders hanging from her hat. The inspiration is Mexican, but she kind of puts me in mind of some of the voodoo loas.

Anyway, I’m thinking this might also be a most excellent costume for Halloween this year. I’ve been in the mood to make a big ornate hat, and the face makeup looks like a lot of fun. I might go a little more Victorian for the dress, though; I have a thing for bustles.

Here’s the link to the print on we*heart*prints; they’ve got all kinds of other moody, evocative artwork to browse through.

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