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DIY Cemetery Signs

March 3rd, 2009 by Cobwebs

TombstoneExtruded foam insulation is wonderful stuff: Very cheap, easy to find, and easy to sculpt. The fabulous Keeba has put together an excellent tutorial on making prop tombstones from the stuff, but it’s also the perfect medium for making smaller signs and plaques.

For example, these cemetery plaques from Mostly Dead are a nice accent piece, but a very similar item could be handmade using insulating foam for a fraction of the price. You could make mini tombstones as desktop nameplates, plaques for personalized door hangings, or an interestingly morbid wedding gift bearing the bride and groom’s birthdates with room left in for…other dates.

Pay careful attention to the various methods described for sculpting the “stones:” If you’re more comfortable with a Dremel tool, use that. If you’re happier using a woodburning set, that’s also an option. If you’re on a budget and don’t have either tool, just use an Xacto knife and be really careful.

I plan to make a “Wicked Stepmother” sign for my cube using this method. I like to brag.

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