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Curious Goods

September 14th, 2009 by Cobwebs

McGonagall's BroochI referenced Curious Goods in a post the other day but wanted to feature the site a little more prominently. It’s a marvelous source of inspiration for all kinds of weird little tchotchkes.

As a lover of movies, Victoriana, magic, science, and fiction, I’ve endeavored to create objects I love. The purpose of Curious Goods is to both disseminate information on my personal projects as well as the projects of others.

Tiffany specializes in little detail bits like Chocolatl wrappers and wand boxes, and the execution on all of them is just lovely. She frequently works directly from screenshots of movies, so her replica props are wonderfully authentic-looking.

The site only has a couple of “true” tutorials, but many of her other project pages include notes about how they were created. She also makes many of her graphic files (like the Order of Merlin stationery) available for download.

She recently opened an Etsy store; there are only a couple of items in it right now, but they’re gorgeous and have wonderful descriptive text.

Check out the site for all kinds of intriguing possibilities.

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