The Art of Darkness

Victorian Trading Co.

May 4th, 2010 by Cobwebs

LanternReader DampViolets turned me on to this company a while back, and since my mind is like a steel trap (that’s been pried open and left to rust) I completely forgot to post about them until now.

That’s a terrible omission, because tucked in amongst the Victorian kitsch there are some lovely items. If your decor is reminiscent of Poe or Dickens, they’ve got got decorative accessories like this candle lantern and these outlet covers. They have lots of romantic jewelry (some a bit pricey, unfortunately) like this mourning brooch and this poison ring, and they’ve also got a big Halloween section, featuring lovely items like this cobweb under glass, this great “twilight” weathervane (not that Twilight), and this neat baroque chalkboard.

There are all kinds of pretty things to drool over. Go check them out!

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