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The Link Dump from Snowy River

May 14th, 2010 by Cobwebs

Halloween Party Themes – Hostess with the Mostess has some neat ideas for party decorating.

Fight Club: The Return of Hobbes – A rather masterful dissection of Fight Club in which it is explained as (obviously!) a sequel to Calvin and Hobbes.

Alchemist Keyboard – Lovely computer keyboard mod.

History and the Haunted Mansion – Detailed essay on why the mansion is designed and sited where it is in various Disney parks.

Bloody Nails Project – I agree with Creepy Cupcakes; this is a great manicure alternative to French tips.

The Office Kid – A kid-in-a-kit for childless people who are tired of fellow employees using childcare as an excuse to get out of work.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal – Hee.

Plush Chainsaw and Severed Hand – Because why not? (The artist’s site is linked from this post, but it’s all Evil Flash, so beware.)

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