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Mad’s Hobbit Hole

May 11th, 2010 by Cobwebs

Hobbit HoleI am a sucker for well-done miniatures, and this is just mind-blowingly wonderful.

Maddie Chambers had a college course module called “The Importance of Play,” and students had to make a toy to hand in at the end of term. She initially decided to build a little hill with a door similar to Bag End, and then was consumed with the spirit of If a Thing is Worth Doing it is Worth Overdoing, and did just that.

Then I thought, well what if I made the roof removable and had a little room inside? then of course I started drawing up plans and added more rooms and then decided ‘what the hell?’ I might as well make a replica of the one from the movie and make it big enough to fit in dolls house type furniture!

The house has a bajillion little details, from handmade cabbages in the garden to Thror’s map framed on a desk. You can see loads of photos at the site she has dedicated to the project, and you can also check out her main blog, where she’s started detailing work on her next project: A model of the Prancing Pony.

(via BoingBoing)

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