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Book Ring Holder

May 18th, 2010 by Cobwebs

Ring HolderBrittni of paper n stitch used a vintage book to hold the rings at her wedding, and has posted a tutorial for creating a similar book. I like her suggestion of choosing a book that’s meaningful to the couple (I think goth couples would get extra points for using a copy of Dracula), although I quail at the idea of using a true vintage book.*

Fortunately, thrift stores usually have loads of cheap hardback books that aren’t quite as painful to deface. Depending upon the amount of effort you want to invest (one advantage of this project is that it’s quick), you could paint the exterior of the book to match your wedding colors or even cover it with matching fabric.

You could also decorate the page that’s revealed when the book is open to the little “ring box:” Decoupage pictures of the couple or other relevant photos, glue a printout of a medieval manuscript page over the text, or simply paint the page a solid color. There are lots of ways to personalize this kind of project, and the book could even be displayed as a memento after the ceremony is over.

It’s an interesting change from the traditional pillow, and it’s nice that the basic project is so simple whilst still leaving lots of room for embellishment.

(via CRAFT)

*I have a fairly reverential attitude toward books, and the idea of defacing one makes me quiver a little. Shadaughter can tell you about the high school English teacher she had who thought marginalia was just wonderful and encouraged the students to write in their books…and who granted her special dispensation to use sticky notes instead because I was threatening to drop by the school and chat about the subject. Don’t f$#&k with my books, is what I’m saying.

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