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The Boney Bunch is Back

June 29th, 2010 by Cobwebs

Boney Bunch CoupleI posted about Yankee Candle’s “Boney Bunch” collection when they were released a couple of years ago, and since then one of my commenters has faithfully kept us updated on the status of the collection. wildeprose has come through again, recently leaving this comment:

Hey guys!
Its that time of year again!
Boney Bunch is coming back for 1 last year! The company has stated that this will be “Part 3” and that they will end it at that….not because the demand is not there, but because they are happy to see it go on as a collectors item!
This year…again as an insider…I believe they are doing the next step after marriage which is CHILDREN!
The company is being very secretive about the collection this year…so I cant give you much info….all I can say at this point is that yes indeed it it coming out again, this will more than likely be the last year, and more than likely it will be related to boney bunch children….
The preview party will be between Aug 7th and 9th….BE PREPARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stay tuned….I will give info the moment I get it!!!!

If things work out as they have in past years, these suckers will be snapped up almost as soon as they hit the shelves. If you’re in the market for wedding cake toppers, party favors, or (if wildeprose is correct about the new addition) a very unique baby shower gift, you’re definitely going to need to act fast.

Thanks, wildeprose!

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