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Get This Look: Ghosts

December 11th, 2012 by Cobwebs

The Hairpin occasionally does “Get This Look” articles which feature style suggestions based around a particular theme: Royalty or Rainforest Animals or what-have-you. Last Halloween they did a few inspired by famous ghosts, and I love the idea of building a spook-themed outfit. My only quibble is that their combinations might be somewhat problematic to actually wear (or it’s possible that I simply don’t get invited to the sorts of parties where a ballgown and knitted armlets are appropriate).

I’ve put together a couple more, based on other famous ghosts.

Black Aggie is a shrouded statue which used to be used as a grave marker in Maryland. It was long rumored to be haunted and since so many people broke in to the cemetery at night to visit it, the exasperated family finally donated it to the Smithsonian.

Black Aggie

La Llorona is a Mexican legend about a woman who drowned her children in order to be with her lover. Regretting her decision, she now wanders forever, weeping and kidnapping children.

La Llorona

Anne Boleyn is probably too well-known to require much of an introduction (at least on this blog). She runs around headless, yo.

Anne Boleyn

Screaming Jenny is a ghost in Harper’s Ferry, West VA. She’s said to have been a woman whose dress caught on fire; in a panic, she ran out of the house and onto the railroad track where she was struck and killed by a train, which is an extremely Wile E. Coyote way to meet one’s demise. Her fiery phantom is said to still haunt that section of track.

Screaming Jenny

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