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A Link Dump on Elm Street

November 12th, 2010 by Cobwebs

Fabric Skulls – Easy tutorial for making whimsical little “sugar skulls” from fabric and paint.

Adam’s Spooky Candy Apples – I can’t believe how gorgeous the black ones are. (via hinkenhook)

Silly Rhymes for Belligerent Children – This looks entertaining.

Wedding at ZomBcon – Oh, lawsey. Bruce Campbell was ordained as a minister and officiated at a wedding. Ted Raimi was scheduled to participate as well. This is pretty much made of awesome.

Ghost Host T-shirt – Disney’s Haunted Mansion spiel on a T-shirt (unathorized). I like the various typefaces.

Harry Potter Film Wizardry – Book about the props and design and whatnot of the Harry Potter movies. This would probably be an excellent source of inspiration.

Spider Web Necklace – This is the description of a class which teaches you how to make the necklace, but there’s a nice, clear photo of the finished product as well.

Genre Savviness Is Not Enough – A nicely original update to the tired old “horror movie cliches” list.

Van Gogh’s Ear – Organic catnip cat toy. Shaped like an ear. Because why not?

Zombie Felties – Patterns and instructions for 16 wee undead creatures made of felt. These would be adorable as Christmas tree ornaments.

Spooky Styles from a Century Ago – National Geographic slideshow featuring Halloween costumes from around the turn of the last century.

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