The Art of Darkness

The Link Dump of Otranto

November 19th, 2010 by Cobwebs

The Edward Gorey House Museum – Joanna of the Morbid Anatomy blog visited the museum and wrote about her pilgrimage. I must own the weathervane in the second photo.

Cthulhu Stuff – Toys, collectibles, and whatnot from Entertainment Earth. (Hat tip to Charity)

33 A.D. – Straight up, Jesus vs. the vampires. I blame Stephenie Meyer.

Spooky Knit Patterns – Some free patterns from Lion Brand Yarn. (You have to register at the site to access them, which is why the link goes to some photos at CRAFT.) I like the witch-finger gloves.

The Halloween Bride – New-ish blog devoted to…just what it sounds like. (via hinkenhook)

Science Saved My Soul – Not goth. Just lovely.

Funeral Wreath – Photo snapped at a wake by someone on Reddit. “He had a huge sense of humor.” Hee.

The Art of Darkness – Makeup collection from Illamasqua. Since it shows up in my Google Alerts ALL THE DAMN TIME, I may as well link to it.

Murder Pamphlets – Online collection of the lurid “true crime” pamphlets that were popular in the 19th Century.

John Cusack as Poe – First photos from a movie I wasn’t even aware they were making. He looks pretty good.

Star Wars Calaveras – Various Star Wars characters drawn as traditional “Day of the Dead” figures. Little Darth Vader is adorable!

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