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Trivia Tuesday

March 1st, 2011 by Cobwebs

(No prizes, but if you can answer them all without googling you get bragging rights.)

  1. The first substantial vampire fiction that approximated a novel was a long-running serial (popularly known as a “penny dreadful” or a “penny blood”) published between 1845 and 1847. When finally compiled into book form, it stretched to 868 pages over 220 chapters. What was the name of this Gothic epic?
  2. In the Halloween movies, the mask worn by Michael Myers was actually fashioned after the face of what famous TV actor from the 1960s?
  3. What 1764 novel by Horace Walpole is generally regarded as the first Gothic novel?
  4. “The mouth, so far as I could see it under the heavy moustache, was fixed and rather cruel-looking, with peculiarly sharp white teeth. These protruded over the lips, whose remarkable ruddiness showed astonishing vitality in a man of his years. For the rest, his ears were pale, and at the tops extremely pointed. The chin was broad and strong, and the cheeks firm though thin. The general effect was one of extraordinary pallor.” What character is described here?
  5. Who wrote the horror tale “Lamb to the Slaughter,” in which a housewife bludgeons her husband to death with a frozen leg of lamb, then cooks it and serves it to the police?
  6. H.P. Lovecraft’s fictional town of Innsmouth is located in which state?
  7. What is the first title in Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire Mysteries series?
  8. “Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again” is what Gothic novel’s opening line?
  9. Which is the first sequel to the 1960 film Night Of The Living Dead?
  10. Edgar Allan Poe was born in 1809 and married his cousin, Virginia Clemm, in 1835. How old was Virginia when she said “I do” to Poe?

(Answers below the fold)

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