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Easy, Lacy Wreath

March 10th, 2011 by Cobwebs

WreathMade with a foam wreath form, some satin ribbon, and a piece of lacy fabric. Project cost: $3. Whoa.

The blogger used some lace from a damaged jacket, but stretchy lace is easy to find at fabric stores (if you’re like me, you’ve probably got some scraps left over from other projects lurking in your sewing room).

She doesn’t provide a lot of detail about adding the lace covering, but her description, “I cut a circle out of the lace jacket a few inches larger than the wreath and snipped and stretched and maneuvered it to cover the front and sides,” sounds overly complicated. I think it would be easier to sew the lace into a tube, place the seam at the back, and hide the open ends under the ribbon tie at the top.

Her instructions for making the outer petals of the flower are pretty straightforward, and if you aren’t sure how to make a ribbon rose for the center, this video makes it easy.

This is a gorgeous decoration for a door, and a bunch of them laid flat would make interesting table centerpieces at a wedding reception.

(via Creepy Cupcakes)

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