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Vampyre Rag Dolls

March 17th, 2011 by Cobwebs

Vampire DollHere’s a rich source of inspiration: The Portuguese site Vampyre Rag Dolls creates cute little dolls dressed up in a variety of gothic fashions. Each comes packed in a uniquely-decorated cardboard box with a coffin-shaped display window.

As nearly as I can tell the dolls are only sold locally, but if you don’t happen to be in Portugal it should be reasonably easy to DIY something similar. Googling “how to make a rag doll” turns up about a bazillion hits, so you can choose whatever method suits you (this one includes a pattern and easy instructions). Add the features (and fangs) with embroidery, fabric paint, or permanent markers.

Depending upon your skill and ambition, you can sew appropriate clothing or simply cut out simple shapes and glue them in place. Felt is good for the latter approach since it doesn’t ravel at the edges, but you can also fake-hem fabric with Fabri-Tac or other fabric adhesive. Embellish with ribbon, bits of lace, and beads as desired.

There are also free templates available for the boxes the vampires are, um, interred in. Search for “handle box template” to turn up lots of variations (the one about halfway down the page here is nice). Before assembling the box, cut a coffin-shaped window insert in the front with a craft knife. Decorate the rest of the box with paint, stickers, glitter, or whatever embellishments suit you. Cut a piece of transparent plastic (either from a craft store or cannibalized from commercial packaging) slightly larger than the window opening, place it over the hole (on the side that will face inward), and fasten in place with tape or glue. Put it together and introduce your vampire to its new home.

These would be fun to personalize as gifts, with the clothing and box decorations matching the recipient’s taste. It would also be neat to do a series of dolls, each depicting a different vampire from literature.

(via Geek Crafts)

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