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Gourd Placecard Holders

March 16th, 2011 by Cobwebs

Gourd SkeletonSpring is fast approaching in this hemisphere, and if you’re anything like me you’re being inundated by seed catalogs in the mail. If you’ve got some extra room in your garden, you might want to try growing some jewelry gourds for projects like these cute little placecard holders.*

These would be adorable for a Halloween party, or as placecards/favors for a wedding. There are several steps involved but none of them are difficult, and you could set up an assembly line to turn out a lot of them fairly quickly.

The variation in gourds will make each one unique anyway, but if you aren’t making a whole bunch of them you could add more detail and/or personalization; I think the skeletons would be particularly cute painted up like sugar skulls.

Obviously, you could also use the basic idea to create creatures other than the skeleton and witch shown in the instructions: The gourd could be the head of a dragon or the body of an octopus. You could also use the long bit as the nose (like for the witch) but turn it into a Nosferatu-esque vampire instead. For a kids’ party, it might also be fun to provide pre-drilled gourds, pipe cleaners, and paint and let them design their own creation.

Apparently the gourds are very popular for making jewelry and other crafts, so if you have any left over just google “jewelry gourds” for other projects. Little skull earrings might be especially cute.

*Incidentally, after some research I discovered that jewelry gourds are actually called Tennesee Spinners. If you don’t want to grow them yourself, you can find them lots of places online, like here and here.

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