The Art of Darkness

The Dance of the Seven Link Dumps

March 11th, 2011 by Cobwebs

Flying Love Monsters – Cute little fuzzy monsters with bedroom eyes.

Reptilian Eye Ear Plugs – No source on these, although some similar “fake” ones are available here. The little “eyelids” really add to the realism.

The 10 Most Effective Horror Movie Killers – An interesting roundup.

Ghostbusters Cake – Ridiculously detailed wedding cake, complete with light-up proton streams.

Lego Haunted House – Astoundingly detailed “abandoned” Victorian house made entirely of Legos. (Hat tip to Kitten Herder)

Absinthe Party – Suggestions for an absinthe-themed celebration.

Dewey Decimal Crafts – Etsy seller specializing in adorable little crocheted skulls.

Miss Monster – Artist Melita Curphy makes all sorts of odd things. I particularly like her Demon-Skin Rug.

Nightshade is Growing Like Weeds – A look at Edward Gorey’s influence on modern culture.

Wondermark – I foresee a huge uptick in the number of werecats.

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