The Art of Darkness

The Link Dump in the Iron Mask

July 13th, 2012 by Cobwebs

Somnia Romantica – Some lovely Victorian mourning-inspired clothing.

The Nails of Sauron – This may be my favorite manicure idea ever.

Alternatives to Nickleback – Some excellent snark from the Boise Weekly’s entertainment section.

Music for the Zombie Apocalypse – Apparently the Apocalypse will be set to classical music.

A Softer World – The sentiment amused me.

Mischief Boutique – Splendidly surreal Etsy shop specializing in costumes for rats. If your pet rat is hankering for a hoodie or wants to dress like Tinkerbell, this is the place for you.

fab ciraolo – Artist who mashes up old and new pop culture, resulting in things like Dali in a Vampire Weekend shirt and a rather hipster Edward Scissorhands. (Somewhat NSFW)

Vintage Gothic Dessert Table – Stunning setup for a wedding reception dessert table; it’d be appropriate for any fancy party.

Art Abandonment – Facebook group which encourages artists to leave random works for others to find. An interesting idea, although there’s probably a fine line between “art” and “littering.” (via Cat)

10 Bizarre Bats You Won’t Want To Meet on a Dark Knight – A base canard. I might not want to snorgle all of them, but I’d happily meet them.

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