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The Link Dump of the Mohicans

July 20th, 2012 by Cobwebs

Ouija Board Lunchbox – No source, but something similar might be DIY-able with decoupage.

Tea for the Morbid – Pinterest pinboard which is relevant to our interests.

Mega Lego Skeleton – Instructions for making a giant cardboard version of the little Lego guy.

Romulan Ale Recipe – Instructions for a high-octane “official” version of the blue beverage from Star Trek. Mentioned here because the page also lists a drink called a “Cloaking Device,” made with absinthe.

OmniCorp Product Line – Promotional video for the Robocop remake. (If you put “viral video” in the title I believe federal law prohibits it from actually going viral.)

P.G. Wodehouse – A rather wonderful random quote generator.

Day of the Dead Corkscrew – Neat calavera-themed metal corkscrew.

DIYFluffies – Etsy shop specializing in plush patterns and kits, including adorable dragons and monsters.

The Things – Short story which revisits The Thing from the monster’s viewpoint.

I Has a Sweet Potato – This link is 100% goth-free, but it’s just one of those things that cracks me up.

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