The Art of Darkness

Fivehands Curiosity Shoppe

July 24th, 2012 by Cobwebs

HumidorHey look! It’s another place to spend entirely too much money! I need to stop finding these.

Fivehands Curiosity Shoppe specializes in “strange medical devices, Victorian oddities, macabre and dark antique items, scarce erotica, bones, cemetery, occult and more. Strong focus on a dark design element is key.” If Morticia Addams decided to open an antique store, it’d probably look a lot like this.

They don’t appear to have a brick-and-mortar location, so sales are handled through their Etsy shop. Some of their pieces like this Victorian humidor are (for obvious reasons) fairly spendy, but they have other items like this vintage cast-iron candle holder that are wonderfully appealing and shouldn’t blow your budget.

In addition to the shop they’ve also got a Tumblr site, blog, and Facebook page where they discuss some of their acquisitions in more detail. There’s also a main .com site which is rather sparse, although it does include a small gallery of interesting items (I particularly lust after the Victorian dissection kit).

If you’re looking to build a collection of unusual vintage items, this is a great place to browse.

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