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Fried Green Link Dumps

July 27th, 2012 by Cobwebs

The Adorable Knight Rises – Collection of baby bat photos and videos at Buzzfeed. You will squee yourself silly.

Nightmare Before Christmas Yard Decor – Some fantastic homemade Christmas/Halloween decorations, including some build notes. I particularly love the “Zero” doghouse.

Va-Va-Voom VintageCollectors Weekly interviewed Dita von Teese on some of the more interesting items she collects.

Neil Gaiman Writing a Sandman Prequel – It’ll be available in 2013. Neat.

Rockabilly Hair Decoration – Tutorial for making a Rockabilly-esque fascinator.

“Witch House” Models – A pair of surreal sculptures by Annie Owens. These would be the coolest birdhouses ever.

Creative Body Art – Some eerily-realistic face painting, plus a few other odds and ends.

Rat Head Catnip Toy – Knitted “decapitated rat” cat toy. There’s also a severed finger version.

Raindrops on Spiders – Macrophotography gallery of rained-upon spiders. If you’re like me, you will now be substituting the lyrics, “Raindrops on spiders and whiskers on kittens…” from now on. (Hat tip to pdq)

Cast of Munsters Remake Looks Like Normal People – Apparently they’re only monstrous on the inside. Man, this reboot is just going to be one long headdesk.

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