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Nourishing Skin Oil

January 15th, 2013 by Cobwebs

Oil BottleHere’s a “skin food” that’s super-easy to make and is wonderful for dry, cracked skin. Most of the ingredients are available at the grocery store; wheat germ oil, vitamin E, and essential oils can be found at health food stores or online at soapmaking suppliers like From Nature with Love.

If you don’t want a citrusy fragrance, you can substitute another essential oil of your choice; make sure that you use “essential” rather than “fragrance” oil, since the latter can sometimes irritate skin. Also make sure that the essential oil itself isn’t too harsh; some resinous ones like rosemary can be a problem if you use too much. (And, of course, since there’s peanut oil in this, watch for peanut allergies. You can substitute sweet almond oil if necessary.) In the summertime, you can also add several drops of citronella essential oil to ward off insects.

Erszabet’s Perfection Skin Oil

1 oz. soybean oil
1 oz. corn oil
1 oz. peanut oil
1 oz. safflower oil
1 oz. wheat germ oil
1 oz. vitamin E liquid
3 drops orange essential oil
3 drops lemon essential oil

Shake together thoroughly and store in a pretty bottle (instructions for making the one shown above are here). Rub on skin, avoiding eyes, as desired.

This will last longer if stored in a dark place that’s not overly warm, but will still keep for 6 months or so on a bathroom shelf.

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