The Art of Darkness

Get Out the Eye Bleach

January 17th, 2013 by Cobwebs

Sexy HookWhilst looking for images for yesterday’s post, I kept running up against images like the one at left in my search results. In the spirit of complete WTF-ery, I went looking for the artist…and it turns out there’s more than one. Lots more.

The Captain Hook image is by deviantART member lcslayer, whose other works in this vein include Jafar, Hades, and a really skanky-looking Cruella deVil.

The motherlode for male models appears to be David Kawena, whose stuff looks like airbrushed photos and will make sure that you never look at another Disney hero with innocent eyes. Woof.

There’s a lot of Disney heroine artwork that’s straight-up pornography, which tends to be boring; some artists who do more pinup-style drawings include Camus Altamirano (I particularly like his Sally), biaani and j-scott-campbell; he apparently produces calendars based on his drawings.

Although none of the stuff in any of these galleries show any really naughty bits, I think it goes without saying that none of these links are particularly safe for work. Or for one’s childhood memories.

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