The Art of Darkness

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January 30th, 2013 by Cobwebs

going to sign every cast with “sorry I pushed you down a well”

Next time you’re on an elevator with a stranger say, “If the doors open and it’s all zombies, let’s team up.”

The Hobbit is so unrealistic. How are that many guys with beards not in a band

What exact year did “making love” stop meaning “wooing someone” & start meaning “doin it”? I bet there were some hilarious mixups that year!

My kids have been so awful today I keep expecting the Oompa Loompas to appear and sing songs about them.

I dress like a time traveler in a romantic comedy trying to figure out what people wear.

Live your life like if those Pac-Man ghosts were chasing you.

Watching Gremlins. Obey the rules FFS! If I was in this film, it would just be 90 mins of a safe dry Mogwai in lots of different outfits.

Learning what it means to be a man. Got woken in the night by our daughters music box slowly playing a lullaby and was only medium terrified.
— Anonymous (seen here)

1. Dress as surgeon. 2. Stand in hospital corridor holding deer antlers. 3. Shout into phone, “WE CAN’T KEEP PLAYING GOD!”

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