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Sinister Soles

January 29th, 2013 by Cobwebs

Tooth ShoesIt’s time for a bunch of shoe-related stuff that’s too disjointed for individual posts. Whee!

BoingBoing recently had a couple of posts featuring shoes decorated with false teeth: Apex Predator (first comment: “Wait til you see the tongues”) and Toothy Ladies Shoes. These could be DIY’d without too much trouble, and the false human teeth could be replaced with animal teeth used for taxidermy (on the women’s version at least; pointy teeth probably wouldn’t work so well on the soles of shoes).

Some retailers of interest include Hades Footwear (their site is unfortunately coy about wear to buy their products, although Steamtropolis carries a selection), Gentleman’s Emporium (both Men’s and Women’s styles, plus a whole subsection of Steampunk), Demonia, Iron Fist, and Sinister Soles (in particular I like these and these).

Also not exactly goth, but Julian Hakes’ Mojito shoes are awesomely weird. I can’t decide if they look comfortable or not.

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