The Art of Darkness

Cauldron Candles

December 9th, 2008 by Cobwebs

Mini KettleHere’s a fast and easy project: Candles that look like a witch’s brew.

This little cauldron is just a cast iron serving bowl. You can also get cast iron soup bowls which feature cauldrony wire handles.

Use a gel candle base to create a transparent “brew,” colored and scented however you like (this site goes into some detail about making gel candles, and there are lots of other tutorials a Google away). Then embed brew ingredients in the gel. You can use just about anything nonflammable or made of candle wax. There are commercial embeds like spiders and bats, or you could cast your own objects like rats or frogs.

Paint mystical symbols on the cauldron if desired, and you’re done. These would be cute “place cards,” too: Paint each guest’s name on the side, or write it on a card and tie it to the handle with ribbon or raffia (include a warning to remove the card before lighting the candle).

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